WETT Inspection

Reasons For a WETT Inspection

Real Estate Transactions

Insurance Company Requirements

Home Inspectors Suggestion

Changes to Fireplace or Chimney

New Installation

Homeowner Peace of Mind

Time for a clean?
Fireplace Firebox Repairs

The Process

Level 1 Inspection:
Visual Inspection: This inspection includes the following:

a. Measurements of clearances,

b. Opening stove doors and all ground-accessible dampers/clean-out doors

c. Visual inspection of the chimney from the ground

d. WETT report documenting all noted deficiencies and red flags that may require a more detailed inspection

e. Easily visible portions of the flue (such as first tiles of an open fireplace or top section if the inspector has accessed the roof)

Level 2 Inspection:
Technical Inspection: This inspection includes the following:

a. All visual elements of the system as indicated in Visual Inspection

b. Hands-on work which may include:

  i. Taking apart flue pipes

  ii. Opening clean-outs

  iii. Entering the attic to view additional system components

  iv. Accessing the chimney on the roof

c. Review of condition of components removed or exposed through hands-on work and quantity of creosote noted in components and where visible in chimney sections

d. All observations and recommendations documented on WETT Inspection forms, including work completed and areas accessed, along with all mandatory photos.

What is Required to Perform a WETT Inspection?
We ask that you provide the appliance installation manual, or that we have visible access to the manufacturers label. If neither are available the inspection provided will be based on building code and fire code regulations.
What To Expect From a WETT Inspection
Level 1 Inspection:
Level 2 Inspection:

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