We Specialize In The Following

Toilet repair & replacement

Faucet repair & replacement

Outdoor tap repair & replacement

Hot water tank repair and replacement

Drain cleaning

Poly B Repiping

Leaking Pipes

Renovations & Remodeling work

Plumbing for New Construction


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Plumbing Technician Finishing Kitchen Sink Pipeline Installation

Kitchen Plumbing

You don’t always know the “why” – all you know is something is wrong! Whether it’s gurgling, the garbage disposal is giving you problems- we’ve seen it all! Don’t worry, we can fix it. Whether it’s leaks, water pressure, clogs causing a backup, bursts, garbage disposals, or any other issue you may find, we can help with solutions. All our work has a satisfaction guarantee, and we use the best technology available to deliver the best results as quickly as possible.

Bathroom Plumbing

We’ve all had the bathroom sink not drain every time we run the water, or the water not drain while taking a shower, or after taking a bath. Or what about the toilet backup because “one of the kids” flushed down too much toilet paper, or worse, something they shouldn’t have. Give us a call. We’re ready to get your bathroom back in tiptop shape. The last thing you need from a bathroom is added stress- let us repair, unclog, tighten, and take care of it all.

Basement and Outdoor Plumbing

We can often forget about this plumbing in our homes because it is out of sight, out of mind. Your outdoor faucets for your garden, emergency shut off valves, hot water tank, sump pumps, and everything in between. Though we don’t often think about these things, they’re consistently at a higher risk of causing big problems. Not only will we fix any issues you may have with your basement and outdoor plumbing, we will also show you how to properly maintain it, so that any issue you have won’t happen again. 

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