Chimney Cleaning

The Benefits of a Clean Chimney

Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Increased Heating Efficiency For Your Home

Easier Inspections

Avoid Chimney Fires

Prevent Smoke Problems

Prevent Costly Repairs

Prevent Corrosion Of The Chimney System

Keep Your Family Safe

Peace Of Mind

Time for a clean?

The Process

At Soot N’ Sewer, our number one priority is you, the customer. This is why we take the utmost care in ensuring that we leave your home in pristine condition. We begin by laying a cloth tarp in front of the fireplace, along with our tools and equipment. We then visually inspect the fireplace and the flue for any potential hazards. With the vacuum running, we then proceed to sweep the fireplace chimney flue & smoke chamber with our brushes and flexible rods. We then use hand brushes to clean the firebox and damper openings, removing any creosote deposits that may be present. If the chimney cap is able to be accessed safely, it will be inspected and cleaned during the process. The creosote is then bagged and disposed of. Finally, the hearth is wiped down and the work area left clean. Our visual inspection findings are noted on your invoice and/or evaluation forms. Any issues that require attention are presented to you, and discussion on remedies then takes place.
How Long Does It Take To Sweep A Chimney?
A single standard chimney cleaning takes around 30 minutes to complete, depending on how dirty it is. If a WETT inspection is required at the same time, it may involve more time. The age of the home, length of the chimney, and amount of chimneys in the home are factors that affect the amount of time that we spend on site.
What To Expect From Soot N' Sewer
Our WETT Certified technicians are constantly updating their knowledge and skills in the chimney sweeping profession in order to bring you the best possible service experience. We are always looking out for ways to perform chimney cleaning services more efficiently, and strive to offer the highest quality service in the industry by staying educated, professional, and conscientious. We understand that your home is very important to you, and that is why we strive to give the highest level of customer service, and to ensure that you, the homeowner, are happy that you chose to go with Soot N’ Sewer for all of your chimney cleaning & WETT inspection needs.
How To Prepare For Chimney Cleaning

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