Chimney FAQ

Why clean a chimney?

There are multiple reasons to clean your chimney. Some of the reasons are:

- To prevent chimney fires. Getting your chimney cleaned annually ensures that you keep any creosote build up to a minimum, thus greatly reducing your chances of having a chimney fire in your flue.

- To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. By sweeping & inspecting your chimney annually, you can ensure that there are no cracks or breaks in the chimney flue or fire box that would allow carbon monoxide to find its way into your home.

- To prevent costly repairs. An annual inspection ensures that your chimney and fireplace are in good working order, and that problems that arise from frequent use are corrected quickly.

- To prevent smoke problems. Often, excessive creosote buildup can affect the draft of a fireplace, causing smoke to come back into your house rather than go up the flue. Annual sweeping keeps this problem to a minimum.

- Peace of mind. What better reason to have your chimney swept than to ensure you and your family are safe, using a chimney that is up to code and clean.

How often should a chimney be cleaned or inspected?

The National Fire Code says yearly:

“Every chimney, flue, and flue pipe shall be inspected to identify any dangerous condition annually, at the time of addition of any appliance, and after any chimney fire.”

Also included in this rule... Chimneys, flues and flue pipes shall be cleaned as often as necessary to keep them free from dangerous accumulations of combustible deposits.

What does WETT stand for?

Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc. More information about WETT and the certification requirements we adhere to can be found at WETTINC.ca

Can you do inspections for insurance?

Absolutely, we are WETT Certified and capable of performing insurance required WETT inspections. Whether you need it for a new home that you are buying that has a fireplace, wood stove, wood insert, or for a new install, we do it all.

How do you clean a chimney?

With proper professional brushes, appropriate equipment, and skill that has been refined through years of service.

Will there be a mess left after cleaning?

There should be no mess left. At Soot N' Sewer we perform every sweep with conscientious methods to ensure cleanliness. Our goal is to leave your place cleaner than when we arrived.

What is a wood stove?

A wood stove is a free standing wood burning appliance.

What is a wood insert?

A Wood Insert is similar to a wood stove in design, but is either built in or inserted into an existing wood burning fireplace.

What is a standard fireplace?

This is a built-in fireplace and may be built on site or in a factory. Many of the older and classical fireplaces are built of masonry (bricks), while the newer styles are often constructed of metal.

When is the best time of year for chimney cleaning?

Generally, Spring or summer is the best time because it is immediately after the burning season and preps for the next year. Keep in mind that the fall may come with longer wait times for services as it is our busiest season. We understand that oftentimes, the idea of getting your chimney swept usually comes to mind after the first snowfall. We would be happy to place you on our yearly call list to ensure that you don't ever have to scramble last minute to get your chimney swept again.

Can you help with smoke issues?

Yes. As chimney sweep experts, we have years of experience troubleshooting smoke problems and offering remedies. If you are having problems with smoke, Soot N' Sewer can either be the cure, or help find it.

Why install a chimney cap and spark arrester screen?

A chimney cap and spark arrester does 3 things:
1 - Keeps birds and animals from getting down the chimney.
2 - Prevents rain and snow from deteriorating the chimney flue or fireplace.
3 - The screen is a spark arrester. (Meaning less sparks can exit the flue to pose a fire hazard).

Do those chimney sweeping logs work?

Our years of experience with these logs have seen mixed results. They cannot replace a quality cleaning nor a professional inspection.

Do you still charge the quoted fee if a fireplace or chimney fails and you don’t sweep it?

Yes. Our quoted fees are the minimum service charge. However, If an appliance fails to meet code requirements, we will provide you with information for remedial action.

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